Case Study: Northland Football Club Website Redesign

Case Study: Northland Football Club


We are proud to have worked with the Northland Football Club team, the regional representative football club in the Northland area. Established in 2004, the club was originally owned by Tikipunga AFC and Kamo FC. It then changed its name and ownership model in 2016 so it reflects the region it represents.


We were lucky to have engaged with them when the season just kicked off. Northland FC was going through some changes internally when we first approached them. Part of these changes was to build a brand new website as their current one was bare and heavily outdated. Aside from this, the club management team has been successful in growing a community and engaging its audience on its social channels but struggle to consolidate all its content in one single place. As a result they have an unused website and a Facebook page as its primary online platform. It was clear: They needed their own home outside of social platforms. Given their continuous growth and short-term goals it was agreed that it was time to rebuild the site.


Our pitch was to redesign and rebuild Northland FC's online platform, one that will result to better engagement with its team club players, members and stakeholders. The solution involves rethinking its digital strategy, providing a unified site experience, and integrating Northland FC's brand into the new site. We have also entered into a digital partnership deal with NFC that enables us to have a long-term professional relationship with the club.


  • Content-rich homepage that features all club updates
  • Match video highlights
  • A download page for club resources
  • Dedicated pages for gallery images and news updates
  • Bringing match fixtures to life
  • A brand new, refreshed look overall
  • Custom content management system

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